Technical Drawing

Floor Plans

(Scale 1/50)

(Floor Plan 0)

01 - Entrance / Lobby and Kitchen / 7.10 ㎡

02 - Sanitary facilities / 2.80 ㎡

03 - Living Room / 10.5 ㎡

04 - Covered Terrace 1 / 3.70 ㎡

05 - Outdoor Living Area / 5.90 ㎡

(Floor Plan 0)

06 - Room 1 / 7.30 ㎡

07 - Room 2 / 10.9 ㎡

07 - Covered Terrace 2 / 3.70 ㎡


(Scale 1/50)

(Front Elevation)

(Back Elevation)

(Left Elevation)

(Right Elevation)


(Scale 1/50)

(Section A)

(Section B)

Technical Specifications

Starting at

(Baseline unit + installation)

Upon request

Square footage

(Useful area)

48 gross sq. ft. and 17.8 balconies sq. ft.

Unit dimensions

(Excluding stairs and decks)

4 meters wide by 7.15 meters long and 5 meters height

Height: 13'2" without foundation

Space requirement

(Space in your land)

60 sq.



(Baseline unit + installation)

Dark gray and white. Other colors on request

Roof colors

(Baseline unit + installation)

Dark gray, white and natural green. Other colors on request


(Baseline unit + installation)

Tubular chassis in steel monoblock treated with metallization and composed of 2 chassis blocks of ground floor and floor 1


(Baseline unit + installation)

Architectural model exterior panel composed of Sandwishe of thermo-lacquered sheet and polyurethane 40 mm thick


(Baseline unit + installation)

Sandwich of thermo-lacquered sheet and polyurethane 40 mm thick

Windows & doors

(Baseline unit + installation)

Aluminum with double glazing and PVC doors


(Baseline unit + installation)

Cambala natural wood decking


Ceiling height

(Baseline unit + installation)



(Baseline unit + installation)

Sandwishe thermal panel of 40 mm and with inner lining in wood panel tricapa of 19 mm natural wood


(Baseline unit + installation)

LED 12 Bt


(Baseline unit + installation)

Induction stove, single drawer washing machine, fridge freezer with 2 built-in portal, built-in microwave oven


(Baseline unit + installation)

Shower tray in black fiberboard with black laminate walls and 19 mm natural wood floor

Interior doors

(Baseline unit + installation)

Natural tricapa wood


Solar System

(Baseline unit + installation)


Air conditioning

(Baseline unit + installation)

Two air conditioners: one in the living room (floor 0) and one in the bedroom (floor 1). All air conditioners are controlled in home automation through the house app. Central weather station to collect data from outside, for better efficiency of the thermal control system and outdoor irrigation system.

Thermal insulation

(Baseline unit + installation)

Sandwishe panels of 40 mm on the outside and air box of 150 mm, with rock wool, on the inside, with aluminum foil and natural wood panel tricapa of 19 mm on the inside.


(Baseline unit + installation)

System integrated in the video intercom software with garden gate controls, video surveillance system prepared for the outside, door and window sensors for security system, indoor thermal arrest, indoor smoke arrest, electronic water meter to obtain consumption information.

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