Quick and easy,

from production to your land.

01 - starting

Place your order

Start by making Barn yours. After you place your reservation, we kick off our remote property analysis.

02 - two weeks later

Site visit

We’ll visit your property to prepare an installation estimate, ensuring if fits and noting any obstacles.

03 - one week later

Sign off

We'll send you a site plan, installation estimate, and solar proposal to review and approve.

04 - one week later

Site prep

We’ll get your land ready by installing the foundation and utility connections.

05 - one week later


Your Barn begins its journey from our factory to your land. We call you when we arrived.

06 - one day later

On the ground

In just a few hours, we land your Barn onto your land. It's quite the scene.

06 - one day later

Wrap up

We connect your Barn to the grid, hook up the solar system, and thoroughly inspect everything.


Your Barn is ready to be lived in!

Produced in Portugal, available for all Europe

Call or send us a message and receive a customized quote

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