36 m2

This is our medium size model, it has a greater height and width, it also has the ability to choose to have 1 large room in mezzanine and a comfortable living room on the first floor or have two rooms for a greater capacity.

Make a Hotel. Rent it. Divide it. Or live in it.

Unlock the potential of your land.



Everything you need,
in the smallest possible space!

Models standardization

The structure of this house is made of a single piece of metal for greater stability, strength and durability. In this way we facilitate and accelerate its manufacture.

Mobile and transportable houses

A concept that adds great value to rural and non-urban lands.These houses are transported in one single piece, which makes the process simple, quick and convenient. Just land in the right place and enjoy.

Energy efficiency

All our houses have the possibility to run on solar energy and have water tanks without the need for connection to a water network. It is an autonomous and sustainable way of living, being able to control all your consumption from your phone.

Freedom of deployment

The types of foundations available allow our houses to be placed on almost any terrain causing the least possible impact on the land and being able to be removed at any time.


36 m2

S-Barn includes everything you need to be comfortable and convenient in the smallest possible space. It has a kitchen, microwave, mini fridge, closet, full bathroom, upper bedroom and an adaptable living room.

Make a hotel or just buy one for your property.

Our Partners

This concept was possible with the collaboration of different companies focused on sustainability.

Produced in Portugal, available for all Europe

Where visionary architecture, sustainability and modern living converge.

Find out how the process works

The process is quick and efficient. See how it works step by step and place your order.

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